Don Townsley : “NGT trolleybuses are likely to be bi-articulated with 200 mostly standing passengers”

swiss built h Swiss-built Hess LighTram double-articulated trolleybus . Regarding the YEP feature on 9 January one particular item does concern me and that is where the ‘Metro spokesman’ in the final column refers to ‘companies interested in building the articulated 200 passenger vehicles’. Now ftr and most other 18 metre two section artic buses […]

City Alderman and Transport Consultant condemns NGT

four A four car electric train. The £250m cost of NGT would buy 60 trains like this. . In practice the NGT scheme would produce nothing that could not be achieved by conventional double decker buses in well maintained condition, on good roads, and to a specification at least compatible with that of Yorkshire Coastliner […]

NGT – shiny photo opportunities

. From left to right: Stewart Golton (Leader, Leeds Lib Dems), Mehboob Khan (Leader, Kirklees Council), Keith Wakefield (Leader, Leeds City Council), Nick Clegg (Deputy Prime Minister), Peter Box (Leader, Wakefield Council), James Alexander (Leader, York Council). Photo courtesy of Yorkshire Post Newspapers. . In my estimation the Arena is probably a better use of […]

NGT – where the electricity would come from

Because the trolleybuses proposed for Leeds would be using electricity from the national grid, and because 72.5% of the electricity generated in the UK comes from burning fossil fuels, trolleybuses on the streets of Leeds would be no less polluting than diesel buses. All they would do is transfer pollution produced by buses, from the […]

John Bale calls for the trolleybus scheme to be scrapped

Former councillor John Bale is calling for the trolleybus scheme to be scrapped. In a letter published in today’s paper, he describes the trolleybus project as a “timid and parochial approach.” He says that we need a “steel on steel transport system” which will decongest the roads. He ends by saying: The need now is […]

Councillor John Procter calls for the trolleybus scheme to be scrapped

Photo courtesy of Yorkshire Post Newspapers . Councillor John Procter is calling for the trolleybus scheme to be scrapped. In a letter published in Monday’s Yorkshire Evening Post, he says that in the wake of the news that the scheme is faced with a £20 million funding gap, the project should be abandoned. He describes […]

Call for tram system to be restored

. Kieran Preston, the head of Metro, recently wrote in to the paper placing the blame for the city’s transport ills at London’s door. Correspondent Hannah Johnson wrote a feisty response, pointing out that if Mr Preston was serious about solving the city’s transport problems, he could improve things cheaply and quickly by restoring the […]

NGT – Trees to be replaced by tarmac at West Park

The central reservation of the A660 is lined with mature trees all the way from the West Park roundabout to the junction with Otley Old Road. The trees have been there for as long as anyone can remember and help to make the A660 one of the greenest and most beautiful avenues in Leeds The […]

My objections to NGT

The York Road Effecteffeeffecteffeeffectctctf For me, the most important objections to NGT are The ban on discussing an alternative route NGT doesn’t appear to complement existing bus services, but rather competes with them. The possibility that unchecked it will create a dividing wall through the whole area – the “York Road” effect Locals will suffer […]

NGT – Funding Gap

It was reported in today’s Yorkshire Evening Post that the NGT trolleybus project has a £20 million funding gap. Metro’s chairman, Councillor James Lewis claims to be unfazed by the news. When the gap was announced in a report to his colleagues on the council’s Executive Board, he said that it could be made good […]