Public Inquiry into the Lyon C3 trolleybus route

In Lyon, there is an inquiry going on at the moment into the future of the long-criticised C3 trolleybus line.1 Many want it replaced with a tram. The Greens in particular call the trolleybus “un projet du passé, un projet dépassé” (a project from the past, a project that is out-of-date).2 Where have we heard […]

Caen to replace its guided trolleybus system with trams

. oooo An article in the International Railway Journal1 reports that Caen is to to replace its guided trolleybus system with a tram system. Apparently the trolleybus system has experienced technical difficulties since opening in 2012. Construction of the new tram system is due to begin at the end of 2017. The trams will travel […]

National Transit Database: Trolleybus Injury Statistics

xyz Since 2008, the National Transit Database of the Federal Transit Administration has included extremely detailed urban passenger transport accident statistics.1 The table below has been produced using data extracted from the National Transit Database: Safety and Security Time Series Data. 2 . National Transit Database: Safety & Security Time Series Data . The table […]

. The H-Train for Leeds . An alternative proposal for an efficient urban transportation system . Prof Reinhold Behringer Leeds, November 2013 . . Summary There is overall consensus that Leeds needs a modernisation of its public transport system. Road traffic congestion in Leeds and Bradford is the worst in England [12], and several schemes […]

Optare’s Award-Winning Electric Bus

Whispering Death – The Story of Brisbane’s Lost Trolleybus System


ASDFGHJKQWEBVVVVVVVVVVVVVGTYHYTREDIOJHGFDSACVBNMKJHGFDDFGTYHChristopher Todd – August 2013 I wish to express my opposition to the trolleybus scheme in Leeds under three headings: i) this is the wrong route for a rapid transit system; ii) a trolleybus is the wrong choice; iii) the inadequacies of the consultation exercise. i) This is the wrong route for a rapid transit […]

Metro and Tbus

At this evening’s public meeting at Heart, a lady asked how many meetings Metro has had with Tbus, the trolleybus lobby group. Lady in the audience I’m really concerned about the problem of lobbying, both locally and nationally, I’m concerned too that the Tbus trolleybus lobby group is a key stakeholder in this project. So […]

Opening of the latest Metrolink extension

The Chorlton to East Didsbury extension of the South Manchester Metrolink opened on the 23rd May. The line is 4.5km long and comprises five new stations and three new trams. It runs along the route of a disused railway line which was purchased by Greater Manchester Council in 1983 for a pound. The cost of […]

Geneva’s new electric bus service without overhead wires

Pictured above is TOSA, a new large capacity electric bus powered by batteries which are flash charged in 15 seconds at every stop and in 3 to 4 minutes at the terminus. TOSA stands for “Transport avec Optimisation du Système d’Alimentation” (Transport with Optimised Powering System) and it has been developed by the Canton of […]