Public Inquiry into the Lyon C3 trolleybus route

Image courtesy of Wikimedia cxntributer Billy69510

Image courtesy of Wikimedia cxntributer Billy69510

In Lyon, there is an inquiry going on at the moment into the future of the long-criticised C3 trolleybus line.1 Many want it replaced with a tram. The Greens in particular call the trolleybus “un projet du passé, un projet dépassé” (a project from the past, a project that is out-of-date).2 Where have we heard that before?

They are not alone. The main association for those who use public transport in Lyon insists that « la vocation de cet axe est de devenir un tramway ». (the future for this route is for it to be become a tram).3

Everywhere you look, the trolleybus is seen as an inferior choice. Do some Leeds councillors still really think it reflects “cutting-edge technology” and would improve the image of our city?


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